Communication is Personal.
Trust is Local.

Our decades of experience running political and corporate campaigns has taught us that one of the most effective ways to reach the right audiences with the right messages is through a hyperlocal approach.

As seasoned communicators with decades of national political and corporate campaign experience, we believe the future of trust is local and communication is personal. Our local communication programs are built to activate consumers and constituents. We know one of the most effective ways to expand clients’ reach with the right messages is through hyperlocal activations. Time and time again, Americans turn to local sources for information and buying decisions. And this has only become more true during the COVID19 pandemic.

  • Building a Network

    Recruit local influencers to validate the brand and engage on issues

  • Amplifying a Story

    Create an earned media and digital strategy that drives a steady drumbeat of stories and continues the conversation

  • Convening the Community

    Develop strategic partnerships and gather consumers in a bipartisan or nonpartisan way that fits the market and audience targets

  • Gathering Intelligence

    Monitoring and managing the local landscape, opportunities, and pitfalls with best in class tools and data

Local sources are most trusted

Two-thirds of Americans (65%) say they

trust news and information from local sources over national ones.

Huge majorities of Americans (90%) say they

trust information from their friends and family — people in their own communities — followed by local businesses and small business owners (80%) and local television news (70%).

79% say they’re more likely to

buy products from companies that have a presence in their local community.

Events in local community (54%) and endorsements
from people
in their local community (50%) are the

preferred ways to hear about news, new products, and other information from companies

Our Work

In 2020, a company partnered with Targeted Victory to drive positive media stories through a hyperlocal campaign. Over twelve months, Targeted Victory and our on the ground field operatives in 22 states drove a steady drumbeat of over 5,000 positive print, radio, and television placements that highlighted how the company brings together local communities through tools for small businesses, groups, and nonprofits. The Targeted Victory team worked to help localize and amplify key announcements including new partnerships with state and local health agencies and important small business support initiatives.

When a client decided to roll out its new product feature, they teamed up with Targeted Victory to execute a coast-to-coast celebration, driving hyperlocal engagement and events in all 50 states. Using our network of local field teams on the ground, Targeted Victory planned hyperlocal events, worked with community partners, pitched local media before, during, and after the events and provided on-site support. Targeted Victory planned and executed 50 events on the same day, earning over 350 local media hits and helped turn out 40,000 attendees interacting with the new feature.

A leading trade association needed to educate key U.S. Senators, Republicans and Democrats, about its industry and policy priorities. To complement its Washington, DC strategy, the association partnered with Targeted Victory to develop a grasstops program on the ground in a dozen states.

Targeted Victory provided an initial audit of each legislator’s key priorities and from there identified, vetted, and recruited the most effective advocates to participate in meetings, events, and discussions with each Senator. Our local team on the ground, working with the Targeted Victory strategy team, provided all of the necessary support to execute these visits, including scheduling, logistics, messaging, and briefing materials for the advocate and Senator.